Norfolk Collegiate's varsity boys' soccer team took on Norfolk Christians' team at the opening game for the turf fields on Sept. 25, 2015.

Turf fields continue to ignite school spirit

The sunshine has made it way back to Norfolk and our turf fields are beaming with activities. From field hockey to soccer to lacrosse, our students are taking to the turf in with sporting victories and through enhancing their performing skills. 

“I am very excited to have the new turf fields,” said varsity field hockey player Blair Hurley ’16. “They are beautiful and I am proud to play on the fields as an Oak.”

Our side-by-side, state-of-the-art turf fields and lights have officially been open for two-weeks and the excitement still rings high at Collegiate. The fields were officially opened on Sept. 25 with a short ceremony featuring speakers Henry U. “Sandy” Harris III, Andy Protogyrou ’80 and Headmaster Scott Kennedy. 

Despite the rain, the ceremony went on, as did our student-athletes who took to the turf in two games following the opening ceremony. Our girls’ varsity team and boys’ soccer team played side-by-side on the fields. In the stands, family and friends cheered on our student-athletes while dining on foods from local food trucks.

“This is such an exciting time. There is no other school with an athletic complex like ours,” said Kennedy. “Opening night under the lights was fantastic and it was great to see so many students, alumni and parents supporting our teams. The fields and lights were the result of a lot of hard work on the part of many people and we could not have made this happen without their support.”

Since the opening ceremony, our student-athletes have practiced rain or shine nearly every day to enhance their skills.

“The new fields benefit our team because we have increased our stick skills and have a consistent surface to play on,” said Blair. “Along with the fields, we have new scoreboards and a sound system; this allows us to play music which gives our teams’ intensity and excitement before a game. Also they have advanced my sporting career because I have been able to perfect skills like reverse sweeps and chip.” 

The fields will not be short of activities this fall as Collegiate prepares for Homecoming and Fall Fair; and teams throughout Hampton Roads continue to rent the facility for tournaments. 

“Already we are seeing the value of the fields,” said Athletic Director Jon Hall. “Inhospitable conditions are not slowing us down at all, as practices and games continue on schedule. The players have really enjoyed playing in the wet weather.”

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