Time's running out for internship applicants 

This year will kickoff the first year of the Norfolk Collegiate Summer Internship Program, a four-week opportunity for juniors and seniors to explore their interests and future career paths by working with a Collegiate community partner.

The ultimate goal? To provide as many juniors and seniors as possible meaningful exposure to and hands-on experience in a field of interest and connect them with industry professionals who can serve as mentors in the future.

The program is the brainchild of Alumni and Community Relations Manager Cayte Brown ’08 and Technology Integration Specialist Ashley King. They’re spearheading the initiative on behalf of the Real-World Experience strategic imperative task force with alumni who’ve expressed interest in helping students on their educational journey.



Students will apply and go through an internal review process before taking part in a workplace professionalism workshop where they will craft a resume, acquire critical communication skills and learn more about workplace dynamics. The workshop also will feature professional voices from Hampton Roads who can offer their own take on what it means to work in a professional setting.

Internship placements will begin this spring based on individual student interest and the needs of our community partners, some of whom include:

King is “thrilled the program is coming to fruition as it furthers efforts to expand experiential learning opportunities for our students.”

“Juniors and seniors are at an incredible point in their lives when they’re curious about the world outside of school and are seeking responsibility and validation,” King said. “We hope in a work setting, students feel empowered and ultimately transfer their new skills to various aspects of their life.”

Students are encouraged to submit their application by deadline of Wednesday, Jan. 31. For more information, please click here or contact Cayte Brown ’08 at cbrown@norfolkcollegiate.org and Ashley King at aking@norfolkcollegiate.org.