The Lower School Hears From Captain During Month of Military Child

Norfolk Collegiate is thrilled to join the month-long celebration of the Month of the Military Child. In 1986, former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger established April as the Month of the Military Child to recognize the sacrifices military families—and children—make when a parent (or parents) is in the armed forces.

To ring in the celebration, Lower School Counselor Jan Weintraub dedicated last Friday’s lower school assembly to military children and their families.

Lower school students were encouraged to wear purple, the color symbolizing all branches of the military, and heard from Capt. Brad Rosen, a parent of three Collegiate students and an officer in the United States Navy.

Capt. Rosen asked students to raise their hands if they’d moved once in their lifetime. Twice? Three times? Four times? Five times? Funny enough, his daughter was the last one with her hand raised, having moved five times for her dad’s job.

He continued by recognizing Collegiate as a special community for embracing his and other military families with open arms. A life event like moving schools—sometimes moving across the country or even the globe in the meantime—can be challenging for children, and placing them in a loving community can help make the move smoother.  

“We had an ambitious agenda,” said Weintraub. “But we accomplished our goal which was to recognize our military students and their families and to celebrate them.”

Children of military families received certificates of appreciation and were cheered on by their classmates.

If you stop by the lower school this month, keep an eye out for several posters of appreciation in the hallway created by teachers and students alike.

To read more about the Month of the Military Child, click here.

APRIL 2018