Technology bridges learning for Lower School students

Creativity, collaboration and teamwork are what our first-grade classes learned during the development of their eBooks following their adventure at the Children’s Museum of Virginia.

During the trip, students toured the museum and participated in a simple machine scavenger hunt where they learned about simple tools and functions, such as screws, wheels and pulleys.

On Dec. 10, students presented eBooks to their class filled with pictures, words, colors and animation.

“This activity was really important because it helped us to show our students how to learn digitally,” said Emily Lindale, first-grade teacher. “It was very interactive, a real world experience with 21st century skills.”

The trip to the Children’s Museum is an annual adventure for each first-grade class. This is the second year students used their iPads® to photograph their scavenger hunt findings, and it’s the first time that they used the images to develop a story for their class.

“This innovative and intuitive activity was exciting because it taught our students teamwork, collaboration and problem-solving skills.”

Each student joined a group of three and worked together to build an eBook. Everyone played a part and produced two pages about the tools.

“It takes a team to put that book together,” said Katie Pritz ’27. “I really liked being in the picture with the screw and the hammer, we put it in our book.”

It also was a chance for students to work more as a team.

“The first couple of days we worked on it together but they (group members) were sick, so I had to do the colors and make the words bigger by myself,” said Ethan Perez ’27. “Then Skyla came back, and we finished it together.”

The projects included students serving as photographers, authors, illustrators and editors. They learned how to use the voice-to-text app by speaking to their devices to create sentences.

“I learned a little bit more about taking turns and more about a screw,” said Skyla Franco ’27. “At first, I was like, 'why is it called an eBook, and why is it called an iPad®,' but I asked questions and I learned.”

The eBook presentations were presented on a SMART Board using an Apple TV.

“My favorite part is when I did the pages about the lever and pulley,” said Allanah Bince ’27. “At the Children’s Museum, I learned to lift myself in the chair by using the pulley.”