Stay in Shape with ouR Summer strength & conditioning sessions  

Before you hop onto your pool float and say farewell to your workout routine, consider keeping your momentum going strength and conditioning training this summer. Norfolk Collegiate’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Nichols will be offering daily workout programs to help students, parents, grandparents and more stay fit throughout the summer. 

Starting Monday, June 13, and continuing through the summer, Nichols will offer workout sessions from 9-10:30 a.m. Monday through Friday and 4-5:30 p.m. every Monday through Thursday.

Norfolk Collegiate encourages all athletes in grades 6-12 to participate; however, these sessions also are open to non-athletes and to all members of the Collegiate community, including teachers, parents and alumni. 

Nichols will offer training in speed, agility, strength, power and conditioning. Athletes are invited to take advantage of the sessions and come as little or as much as their schedule accommodates. After all, the work you do as an athlete during the off-season will set the stage for your performance during your season. 

In addition, many of Collegiate’s coaches also have planned training sessions to keep our athletes’ skills polished during the summer. Team coaches will communicate additional details about their sessions soon.