Students take first-place honors in national math competition

Our fourth and fifth graders have made a national name for themselves in the math world. This year, they competed in the Continental Mathematics League, a national math competition that garners participation from hundreds of schools nationwide. Our fourth graders were able to secure one of the four first-place titles for the East Coast, and our fifth graders earned a national winner title for the third time in a row.

Along with the grade-wide titles, fourth graders Ellie Frenck and Jillian Reed, and fifth graders Seth Larkin and Harrison Thomson also received recognition as Individual National Leaders due to their perfect scores! The students agreed that the math problems were fun, but incredibly difficult.

“I liked how it challenged my mind and how it felt like it was an exercise for my brain,” said Ellie.

The competition is comprised of five “meets” that occur throughout the school day. In each meet, students have 30 minutes to complete a set of challenging math problems.

“It was like algebra,” Jillian said. “They’re really confusing; you have to read them over and over.”

Harrison and Seth also thought the problems were intense, but found most of them to be manageable.

“I liked the math problems because they weren’t easy, but they weren’t super hard,” Harrison said. “There’s only one problem I didn’t answer out of the six different tests.”

“I kind of estimated some,” said Seth. “I didn’t guess, but I knew enough information to not completely guess but to answer the question.”

Even though Seth has proven his prowess in math, he said that social studies remain his favorite subject. Both Harrison and he liked the recognition they got from their classmates for the award.

“A ton of other people I knew were congratulating me about it,” said Seth.

“Everyone I walked by in school and the teachers said congrats,” Harrison said.

But they all agreed on who was the most excited about their honor: their parents.

“My mom didn’t stop hugging me,” Ellie said. “Literally.”

“My parents were really excited,” said Harrison.

“I won last year too, so my mom said that it’s not a fluke that I won,” Jillian said.