Students Navigate through Challenging Questions in Middle School Geography Bee

In the state of Virginia, where can you find incredibly hard working students who really know their geography? The correct answer is… the Norfolk Collegiate Middle School Geography Bee!


Ten students went head-to-head this week to answer middle school teacher Garrett Booker’s challenging questions.


After seven students correctly identified Oregon as being the first state to see the 2017 solar eclipse, Booker handed each student a map of the interstate system in the United States, complete with state boundaries. From there, students were asked directional questions about the interstate system (i.e. if you start in St. Louis and travel on I-70 West, you’ll enter the metropolitan area of which state?).


The final four contestants went several, difficult rounds before declaring the final three winners – George Minton ’23 (third place), Logan Reed ’23 (second place) and Mason Thibodeau ’23 (first place).


Mason is now eligible to compete in the next phase which includes taking and passing an hour long, online exam. If successful, he will advance to the upcoming state competition.