Upper School students kick-off 2015-16 arts season with a spooky play

In two weeks, the curtains will part on the Hackney Theater stage and Norfolk Collegiate's Upper School students will produce their first production of the year, The Uninvited. The spooky play is another example of the many talents that brace the stage and work magic behind the curtains for each of Collegiate's production.


From the outside, this beautiful old house that sits upon a grand seaside cliff in Connecticut is a beauty. Yet, it's reputed to be haunted, though unknown to New York journalist Roderick Fitzgerald and his sister Pam. The siblings buy the house and convert it into a thing of beauty. And almost immediately psychic manifestations occur. The lovely Stella, who was born in the house, and whose mother has died there, visits often and with each visit, the manifestations grow stronger and stronger.

So Roderick, Pam and Stella join forces and with the help of several friends, hold a séance to expel the uninvited spirit once and for all...

Find out how it ends by supporting our Oaks and watching The Uninvited on Friday, Nov. 6, and Saturday, Nov. 7, at 7 p.m. and on Sunday, Nov. 9, at 3 p.m. The play will be held in the Hackney Theater in the Meredith Center for the Arts, 7336 Granby Street, Norfolk.