Students' imaginations erupt at Volcano Park

If you visited the Lower School last week, then you may have seen a new sight on campus: Volcano Park. Under the guidance of Lower School Science Teacher John Burnham, the Science Club created a volcano model to simulate what a volcano eruption would look like.

“I’ve never seen a group of kids so independently among themselves work on a project,” said Burnham. “They really got into it.”


The volcano took about five weeks to construct. To make it come to life, the students had to create the structure and investigate the best way to create a smoke affect, as if the volcano were preparing to erupt. The group decided on using a meat smoker in order to show the cloud of smoke caused during an explosion. 
At the base of the volcano, named Mount Collegia, sat the town of Collegiateville, which could be seen on the Eastern side of the mountain. According to the history of Mount Collegia (which was dreamed up by the students), the mountain erupted violently in 1948; however, lava flow was blocked by Dominic’s Ridge, thus sparing the town. Seismic measurements predict that the volcano will erupt again sometime in the Spring of 2015.
Science Club members even went as far as to create tour guides, so that park rangers (students from each grade) could take their classes on tours of the volcano park throughout the day. 
Click here to watch a short video on the final product.