Students honored in forensics tournament

Our lower and middle school students did a wonderful job at the Robert S. Sergeant Independent School Forensics League Tournament on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. More than 102 students in grades four through six participated in the tournament, which was held at the Williams School in Norfolk.

Forensic coaches Melinda Vooss and Lauren Langley devoted untold hours and energy to highlight our students' strengths and talents.
"The children spend countless hours becoming comfortable with their pieces," said Vooss. "They have to act, gesture, have incredible articulation and speak in front of people they have never met. We start the process in December and work each week towards the April competition date."

The students' hard work paid off.

The team was awarded with a second-place overall finish, as well as the following students being honored: 

  • Blaike Hill​, ​fif​th grade, took first place in the ​prose​ category ​
  • Javiar Love​, fourth grade, took third​ place in the p​rose category ​
  • Noland Russel​l, ​six​th grade, took second​ place in the story telling​ category ​
  • Blake Hrisko​, ​fifth grade, took third place in ​the ​​oratory category 
  • Grant Fowler, fifth grade, took second place in the poetry category 
  • Sarah Bartlett​, fifth grade, took third place in the poetry category

"Lauren and I are very proud of the students and the outcome. This is a life skill for the kids," said Vooss. "To be able to speak in front of a crowd is quite amazing considering these kids are 9,10,11 and a few 12 year olds."