Students Create Complicated Machines for Simple Tasks in the Name of Theater

For the third consecutive year, students in Mr. Hoyle’s theater production class were tasked with creating devices to make tasks simpler. Ironically, Rube Goldberg machines are anything but. The mechanisms took six weeks to build, required 10, individual steps to complete the task and a full write-up on those steps along with several other carefully crafted guidelines. Students created Rube Goldberg machines, devices that use many steps to complete a simple task through a chain reaction. Students were deducted points for any human intervention after the chain reaction started. So by letting go of a marble, pressing a button or cutting a string, students were on their way!

“I started doing the project as a way to incorporate the functionality and artistic creativity that is necessary for theatrical design,” said Theater Director & Coordinator of Maker Education Brendan Hoyle.

Students tested their machines in front of their classmates and a panel of judges and were ranked according to the guidelines listed above. The winning teams received generous gift cards donated by Chick-fil-A. The teams who took the top three spots were:

In first place, the “Beach Bums”
Charlie Cantrell ’20, Sam Janovetz ’20, Spencer King ’20

In second place, the “Pit Stop”
Savannah Hart ’21, Libby Snowden ’20, Matthew Wright ’21

In third place, the “Party Car”
Brett Goldman ’18, Cameron Lewis ’18, Mia Mathas ’18

MVP awards went to:

Chapman Holt ’20

Tyler Hamlin ’20

Savannah Hart ’21