The spring 2016 season brought many joys, including our girls’ varsity soccer team TCIS championship win, our boys’ varsity tennis team receiving VISAA state-runner honors and more. From practicing to playing their respective sports, our Oaks have shown tremendous growth and sportsmanship. Read what our spring coaches have to say as they wrap-up the season in a few words:  


Varsity Golf 

Our varsity golf team’s scoring record didn’t reflect the talent of their as they held their Oak pride and tenacity the entire season. “Our team showed growth and improvement each week,” said Sue Bryant, head coach. “Most of our players achieved personal best records at some point during the season. Our players were viewed by the other teams in the conference as competitors who recognized the etiquette and spirit of the game.”

Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse 

The varsity boys’ lacrosse team finished the season 6-10 and won the first-round TCIS game against Bishop Sullivan. “We were very happy for our guys winning a playoff game,” said Bobby Merryman, assistant coach. “It has been a while since we made it to the semifinals so that was a nice experience. Our guys learned how to play tough and recognize when we needed to push harder or slow the pace. We set a very good foundation for next year and we look forward to getting back out there,” he continued. “Coach Reilly and I are excited to host a weeklong camp during Summer under the Oak starting July 11, and we encourage everyone to join us for the lacrosse game in honor of Dave Gayle on July 15.

Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse 

Our girls’ lacrosse team had a season filled with team building and improvement. “We had five seniors who stepped up and were effective leaders along with three captains, including Blaire Hurley ’16, Carter Kennedy ’16 and Jordan Sibley ’16 who each did a really good job leading the team, especially with a team of 24 girls,” said Head Coach Sarah DeStefano. “We ended the season with 3-7 after our TCIS playoff win against Walsingham Academy. We made it to states and played Highland School. We fought hard, but we fell short. Overall, the girls learned a lot, had fun and worked hard. I’m proud of how they grew as a team.”

Middle School Girls’ Lacrosse 

With a record number of 23 girls on this year’s team, our student-athletes had a great season. “Most of these young ladies were brand new to the sport and just a handful had prior playing experience,” said Lindsey Belle, head coach. “By the end of the season, these girls were playing together with the ease of a well-oiled machine. They were an absolute joy to coach and mentor and their coaches are very proud of their winning season. With the effort, skill and enthusiasm displayed by these young ladies, the future looks bright for our girls’ lacrosse program.”

Varsity Girls’ Soccer

After an undefeated season and earning their second state title in three seasons, our girls’ soccer team played the game with all their heart and built a powerful camaraderie among one another. “We won the TCIS regular season, won the TCIS Tournament and finished with a record of 17-1-1,” said Coach Jon Hall. “We had three players earn All-State titles and five players were recognized as All-TCIS, including Cameron Brown ’17, Sarah Smallets ’17, Sarah L. Smith ’18, Molly Beegle ’19 and Ashby Larkin ’18. I think the girls really did great. I’m really proud of them. I believe they overachieved as a group. The best part of the season is how the girls got along and really cared about each other, and I think that’s why they were so successful this season.” 

JV Girls’ Soccer

With each practice and game our JV team increased their endurance and love for soccer. “Our focus this season was continuing to become better athletes,” said Head Coach Brandon Ricker. “I encouraged the girls to take on obstacles and challenges and to overcome the fear of failure because each mistake is an opportunity to learn. This attitude was the foundation of our season, and I hope that they will continue to utilize it in everything they’re involved in.” 

Middle School Girls’ Soccer

Our middle school soccer team progressed tremendously throughout the season. “If you saw them play at the beginning and at end of the season, you wouldn’t believe you were watching the same team,” Coach Erin Smyth. “The team worked hard and learned how to play smart soccer. “They learned how to maintain possession of the ball, making smart passes and getting open for teammates to pass them the ball. It was a fun group to coach because they worked so hard and learned so quickly. During one practice, we taught them the offside rule and explained how our defense could use it to catch the other team offside and keep them off our half of the field,” she continued. “At the very next game our defense caught the other team offside more than a dozen times. It was exciting for us, and frustrating for the other team, which is always a good thing. Not only did the team get better as a whole, each individual player improved greatly over the season. It was truly a pleasure coaching this group. We are already looking forward to next season.”

Varsity Baseball

While the overall record doesn’t show it, our student-athletes closed the gap on the varsity competition this spring. “Out of our 20 plus games this season, 13 of them were within three runs or less against good competition with the highlight being one away from beating the No. 5 ranked team in the state, Greenbrier Christian,” said Coach Donovan Waefler. “Some positives were when Hunter Flora ’18, Chandler Gillikin ’17 and Jackson Burke ’18 hit their first career home runs. The team received our first win at Pasquotank in four years, had three comeback wins against Churchland High School, Norview High School and Summit Christian Academy,” he continued. “I also had the privilege of coaching three great young men who set the foundation for this young program; Paul Mahoney ’16, Reid Wilkinson ’16 and Jimmy Hurley ’16 who were my seniors this year and were five-year varsity baseball players in the program. They will be missed, greatly.”

Middle School Baseball

Rain was our middle school baseball team’s fiercest opponent this season but our boys stayed the course and had a fulfilling season. “Because of weather, we were only able to play 6 games,” said Coach Frank Thomson. “However, our team was competitive in each of these games, holding the lead at some point in all.  With almost half of our team comprising of sixth-grade students, our youth caught up with us, but the team showed signs of growth heading into next season.”

Varsity Softball

The rain won most of the games at the start of the season for our varsity softball team, but our students didn’t lose their athletic spirit. “We had a rainy start and a rainy end to the season,” said Coach Alan Stell. “It ended with two wins and a sixth-seeded conference berth in the TCIS softball tournament. Our last week of the season had us playing a double header with the tournament starting the next day. We have been seeded higher for three years in a row with the goal of being fifth seed or higher in the tournament next year. We said goodbye to two seniors, Morgan Kimberly ’16 and Morgan Kent ‘16, who will be missed next year, but with a young team and new batting cages, we are looking forward to next spring.”

Varsity Boys’ Tennis

This season was one of the best that our varsity tennis team has had in the past five years. “It was one of the best seasons I’ve experienced at Collegiate since I’ve been a coach here,” said Alfedo Rodriguez, head coach. “We made it to states and two of our athletes were key players in our success—Alex Loope and Alex Duvall who received No. 6 in the TCIS tournament.”

JV Boys’ Tennis

Our JV tennis team saw a season of personal and team growth. “It was great to see the students’ improve and challenge each other on the courts,” said Coach Garrett Booker. “In our matches, the outcome did not necessarily reflect the competitiveness of some of the matches or the determination our players displayed. Our team is young and showed repeatedly that they were willing to take on more experienced teams with tenacity.”