Spreading Kindness in the Middle School with The Great Kindness Challenge

The middle school proudly took part in The Great Kindness Challenge this month with 13,166,709 other students in 24,026 schools and 113 countries to support and continue to engender a positive, kind school community.

This week-long event is a proactive and positive bullying-prevention initiative that improves school climate and increases student engagement by challenging students to devote one week to performing as many acts of kindness as possible on campus. Students are given a checklist of 50 kind acts and are encouraged to complete as many as possible before the end of the school week. The ultimate goal: to show their classmates and community kindness matters.

The week’s events started with students writing kindness cards on Monday. Each middle schooler was encouraged to write loving messages to teachers, coaches and fellow classmates.

Wednesday saw students dress in gold and yellow attire to brighten up the middle school and spread the good word about the week’s activities.

Friday, students decorated kindness rocks (ordinary rocks students decorated with positive phrases and wishes) to encourage their friends and themselves to stay positive and reach out to each other.

“We want to engender kindness and compassion,” said Middle School Counselor Rawn Bolden. “The goal is to get students excited about kind deeds and thinking about how they can make their worlds’ happier.”

Casey Newsome ’23, an inaugural member of the middle school’s Kindness Club, said she’s thrilled to contribute toward a more positive school culture.

“Kindness is important,” she said. “It’s fun to do nice things for people, so I’m excited about all the kindness events our club is going to do this year.”

The middle school’s ongoing efforts toward an even kinder environment will finish out the month with several surprise acts and events of kindness.