Seventh Graders Roll up Their Sleeves for Coastal Cleanup Project

Middle school students rolled up their sleeves and reached for their trash-grabbers outside of the Virginia Zoo on Oct. 11, 2017. The seventh-grade students were celebrating the annual International Coastal Cleanup in partnership with Keep Norfolk Beautiful (KNB). Five homerooms went on the excursion and filled 28 large trash bags with litter.

This trip also helped the city collect data on the trash people disregard and how it affects our coastal community. Students received data forms and tracked every cigarette butt and bottle cap collected.

“I truly believe after two hours of picking up other people's garbage, the students are a bit more cognizant of leaving their own trash lying around,” says middle school science teacher Claire Fornsel.

Sept. 1 - Oct. 31 is internationally recognized as time for coastal cleanup. Keep Norfolk Beautiful is an outreach program from the Norfolk Environmental Commission designated to grow environmental awareness by leading citizens to become responsible stewards through volunteerism and community service.