Seventh Grade Gets a Lesson in Nutrition

Seventh-grade students learned an important life lesson in physical education this week: green smoothies can be good, too!


Regional Registered Dietitian Ana Forte works with FLIK Dining to ensure our school meals are a solid, nutritious option for our community. Yesterday, she spoke to our students about how to eat a healthier, more balanced diet.


FLIK’s dedication to teaching students healthy habits doesn’t stop in the classroom. Coming this spring, students can look forward to a teaching kitchen, created specifically for student learning. Interactive cooking lessons are on the books with a chef helping with instruction and Forte for education.


Forte’s mango/banana/spinach smoothies had everyone going back for seconds, and students were eager to ask and answer questions about nutrition. They learned what it means to be a dietitian, the difference between carbohydrates, proteins and fats and the importance of vitamins and minerals.


Students also learned the value of building healthy snacks and why variety in a diet is so important.


The event was the brainchild of teachers Luke Reilly and Lonice Kenley, who are making it a priority for students to learn about balanced nutrition throughout the year.