Senior Projects of Collegiate
Class of 2017


Each year, our seniors are tasked with exploring a passion or providing a solution to a problem within our community through their senior projects. The goal of Norfolk Collegiate’s senior projects are to encourage our students to work toward the goal of personal growth and take on ambitious societal and charitable efforts by creating and imagining life beyond the classroom.

As our seniors start or finish their projects, we will highlight their stories by allowing them to take us on a journey through the process of their senior projects.



Aces for Alzheimer’s Tennis Tournament

 “For our senior project, we did a double tennis tournament for Aces for Alzheimer’s. We rasied more than $1,000 and all of that is going to be donated to the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association,” said Alex. “Austin and I are both tennis players, and we both share a passion about educating others on Alzheimer’s. This disease has affected my family with my grandfather. We had fun and raised money for a great cause.”  





David Gayle Lacrosse Game

“This year was the Sixth Annual David Gayle Lacrosse Game. It serves as a way for us to honor the Gayle family and remember their son. We raised money by selling T-shirts and tickets to the game. We made a Facebook page so that we could get the information out to the public and bring the community together. We had students from Cape Henry, Norfolk Academy and Cox come to play the game. It was a great way to celebrate a fun day and keep David’s memory alive,” said Noah. “We rounded up about 25 to 30 players. It was great.”

 “Each of us focused on a goal that we wanted to achieve,” said Luke. “Noah did public speaking during half time, Joey used social media to get the word out, and I helped with the organization of everything. I learned that everything has to be done early and that you can’t put things off to the last minute.” 

“I learned how to develop a better network by using social media,” said Joey. “Overall, how to communicate better online using social media, how to use email to get shirt orders and how to provide more information about what we were doing.”



New York Fashion Class and Blog

“I went to New York for two weeks this past summer were I did a pre-college program for fashion at LIM College. So for my senior project I decided to keep a blog of my experience. I talked about my different outfits, the fashion styles of New York, the different things that I did and my experience of being on my own. I hope to go into the fashion industry, and I hope to go to New York for college. The goal is to do fashion journalism and eventually become a fashion writer for a magazine. When I went there this summer, I placed my two passions together and that helped me to realize what I want to do in life.”


Alex Holt and Alex Stubbs-Yates

Computer technology—lowering temperatures to increase processing speed

“We are changing the traditional method of cooling a PC, which is [currently] heat sinks and fans, by adding a third component of mineral oil,” said Alex Stubbs-Yates. “By submerging the hard drive in mineral oil, it conducts the heat that comes off the fans and the heat sinks by taking it away. What we are trying to do is lower temperatures.”

“One of the big problems computers face is that they are reaching processing power, but with that power comes a lot of heat and the current fix to this are the fans and heat sinks,” said Alex Holt. “By using mineral oil, it’s non-conductive so it wouldn’t electrocute or fry the pieces. It allows us to effectively cool down all the components with more sufficiency.”


Frances Boyer and Rebecca Cole

Creating animal bowls to donate funds to an animal shelter

“It’s been an amazing, long process,” said Frances. “We’re making the bowls on the pottery wheels in the art room. With this, we have to let them dry then trim them, glaze them then fire them. We are going to sell the bowls at Fall Fair then donate the money to the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center,” she continued. “Rebecca and I wanted to combine our talents and interest as we both love pottery and animals.”

“What I’ve learned most is how to work as team,” said Rebecca. “In school, we get group projects that you contribute to for like a week or so but with this it has been a few months that we’ve been working together. Trying to communicate and coordinate schedules taught us how to work it out as we go, which is great teamwork.”


Sarah Smallets

Treehouse mural

“The Oak tree will represent the Class of 2017 with 70 leafs for each student in our class decorated in our new school colors. It will be in the Watt-Baker Gymnasium in the Treehouse section. There will be a symbolic quote at the base of the tree that says ‘like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions but our roots remain as one.’ I decided to do this because I want to leave something behind. I want to be remembered.”