Reviving The cheerleading spirit at Collegiate

Norfolk Collegiate cheerleaders will compete in their first cheerleading competition in more than five years next month at the Winter Cheerleading Championship. This is Collegiate’s first time competing in this competition, which will be held at Norfolk Christian Schools.

Our cheer team started preparing for the competition in November of last year, and they are more than excited to be a part of the area’s competition.

“To be a competitive cheerleading team, it takes a lot of hours in the gym,” said Cayte Brown '08, cheerleading coach. “We have held pretty extensive practices and have a choreographer that has helped us produce a two-minute and 30-second routine.”

Brown is a Collegiate alumna and our school’s alumni relations coordinator. During her time as a student, she remembers competing as a cheerleader and wanted to provide current students with the same opportunity.

“This will be my second season with the varsity cheerleading team,” said Brown. “During my time as a student at Collegiate, cheerleading was a very competitive team to be on.  Upon my return, I saw the level the team was performing at, and I knew I had to do something about it and turn the program around.”

And Brown did just that. 

“I am so happy that we have the chance to compete this year,” said Melanie Goossens ’17. “Being part of the reviving spirit of the cheerleading program is an honorable experience.”

One of Brown’s goals was to build a strong team that would be able to compete during the 2015-16 school year.

“I knew this would be our season to compete,” said Brown. “The team is ready, and we plan to continue to grow. We are also looking forward to showcasing the hard work the team has put in for the past two months.”

Our cheerleaders will showcase a special presentation for the Collegiate community during an upcoming assembly.

“One hard thing about competitive cheering is that we have a limited amount of time to prepare for the competition,” Brown said. “With most of our students playing other sports, our option is solely to begin practicing at the beginning of November. Learning a routine in less than two months is very hard, but they are getting it done.”

Our cheerleaders are on board and ready to give the competition their very best.

“This gives Norfolk Collegiate’s cheerleaders a chance to show how much we have accomplished,” Melanie said. “Even though competing can be nerve racking; it gives us the opportunity to show everyone our Oak spirit.”

Coach Brown offers advice to current and future cheerleaders.

“Be ready to give it all you have,” said Brown. “There will be times where you may get kicked in the face, have a bloody nose, rug burns or sore muscles. But you have to know that the end goal is bigger than the small moments that may seem impossible. This team has come so far since the beginning of November, and I just know their hard work is going to show.”

Come out and cheer on our cheerleaders during their performance on Saturday, Feb. 13. The time is to be determined. For more information about the competition, please contact Cayte Brown at