Political Science and American History meets today’s politics 

Jones Humanities Speaker Series LogoOn Saturday, Oct. 15 Norfolk Collegiate will welcome four distinguished panelist to discuss The Changing Role of Political Parties in the Lives of American Citizens in the Hackney Theater at 3 p.m.

This presentation is part of the Betty M. & William B. Jones Humanities Speaker Series, which is now in its fourth year and continues to celebrate art, culture and history while enlightening the mind of today’s society.

“Political parties have been going through a great deal of change over the past decade, and we wanted to explore that further,” said Paige Solomon, social studies department chairperson and upper school teacher. “Coming through such an unusual primary season, we knew we wanted to address the changing political climate in our country, and try to better understand the forces at work that have produced the candidates we have in this presidential election,” she continued. “I think having a panel of scholars, who will each focus on a different aspect of the broader topic, will allow us to examine those changes as objectively as possible.” 

The panelists include:

  • Dr. Leslie Caughell, Virginia Wesleyan College assistant professor of political science
  • Dr. Jesse Richman, Old Dominion University associate professor of political science & international studies
  • Dr. Antje Schwennicke, Virginia Wesleyan College assistant professor of political science
  • Dr. G. William Whitehurst, Old Dominion University Kaufman lecturer for public affairs and former Republican Congressman

Our panelists will discuss a historical perspective on our nation's politics, the heightened degree of partisanship in Congress and the weakening of the parties among the public, gender as a factor in politics, and a cross-cultural perspective on political parties in Western democracies.

 “We are in a really interesting and unusual political time right now,” said Richman. “It is a fascinating political election with a combination of trends. I hope the discussion will bring clarity to the times that we are in.” Richman is often called on for political commentary by news outlets and has produced several articles that have been featured in The New York Times and The Washington Post.

The interactive discussion will also allow for a Q&A session with the panelists.

This presentation is free, open to the public and a reception will follow the lecture.

For more information on the Betty M. & William B. Jones Humanities Speaker Series, please visit www.norfolkcollegiate.org/JonesSpeakerSeries.