Our Very Own Saturday Night Live Star

He may not be a household name like many of the show’s on-camera performers, but Norfolk Collegiate alumnus Scott Weinstein ’91 has been a successful producer for "Saturday Night Live" for the past 20 years. We checked in with him at his workplace – yes, at 30 Rock in New York City – to ask him about his days at Norfolk Collegiate and his journey to SNL.


Q: What are a few of your best memories from being a student at Norfolk Collegiate?

Weinstein: One of my favorite memories was working on the yearbook, working in the dark room. I remember, I think it was my junior year, when I first started doing photography there. They had a whole darkroom in the back of the school, and I pretty much spent that last period in there developing pictures, and that was great.


Q: As you work in a creative field, do you feel Norfolk Collegiate catered to your creative side as a child?

Weinstein: Norfolk Collegiate let me have freedom, and they had extracurricular activities that I got to explore. Working on the yearbook I had free reign, and probably learned more about photography doing that than in college! I was able to take as many pictures as I wanted, and develop them, see if any of them came out. As with anything in the arts, you learn by trial and error, and that was very nurturing.


Q: What would you tell parents who are considering Norfolk Collegiate? 

Weinstein: They have high standards, and they demand a lot, but it wasn’t a pressure cooker. I think that was a good combination. I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to slack off, and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. The classes are small, you have a good relationship with the teachers, and you just never want to disappoint someone you respect. So, I was always working hard, but I never felt like I was working just for a grade. I felt like I was working to learn something.


Q: What do you do now? What led you to this position? Why Television?

Weinstein: I am the co-producer for The Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. My job is – well the simplest version of it – I make sure that everything that needs to get done for the segment gets done. More specifically, I help find stories for us to do jokes on, I coordinate with different production departments, I coordinate with the writers and with the cast, and graphics, and just a lot of logistic issues that come up in our rush to get the show on the air every Saturday night!


Q: What is your favorite part about working at SNL?

Weinstein: I think it’s the excitement of a live show. There’s nothing else like it. No matter what happens, at 11:30 you have to be on TV, and anything can happen when it’s live. And every year there’s a magical moment where something happens that everyone’s talking about. Or, unfortunately, now every week! I mean, I’ve seen musical acts standing 10 feet away – people like Paul McCartney, watching him perform old Beatles songs. I just never thought I would have this experience in my life.


Q: What is something you would tell your younger self? What advice would you give to those who might be unclear about their path in life?

Weinstein: You don’t have to figure it out right now. Take your time. You’re going to go down the wrong path at some point, but that’s OK.