Oaks place first in national math competition

For the fifth year in a row, Norfolk Collegiate's fifth-grade students have placed first in the Continental Mathematics League Competition. They are national winners for the 2016-17 school year—one of only four schools of hundreds to achieve this recognition. 

Continental Mathematics League is a national math competition that merges math concepts with problem solving and reasoning skills. Each student in fourth and fifth grade participates in the competition, which consists of a series of five “meets” held during the school day. During each meet, students are given challenging math problems to complete in 30 minutes. Students compete against other students from hundreds of schools across the country. 

Additionally, we had six Oaks earn perfect scores for their individual work. They include: 

  • Chailea Harvey
  • Tony Kremenchugskiy
  • Emma McMonagle
  • Camille Porter
  • Evan Skroch
  • Andrew Smith 

“When I think of Collegiate's mission-to develop critical thinkers, doers and explorers—Continental Mathematics League is a perfect fit,” said fifth-grade teacher Robyn Maus. “This national math competition provides students with opportunities to challenge themselves and further develop their math reasoning skills. Throughout the year, the students have practiced different types of problems and have shared their learning with one another. Quite often, there would be a group of students working together in a quiet spot in our classroom. They would be working together and talking to each other about how to solve a math problem. I would walk slowly by and listen to them talk about math!”