Norfolk Collegiate Selected to Earn $500 in Recycling Program

Imagine generating funds for Norfolk Collegiate and helping the environment at the same time.

Between Nov. 1 and 30, you can! Collegiate is participating in Recycling Perks’ November Give Back Campaign. We have the opportunity to raise up to $500 in donations from Recycling Perks—our families simply have to sign up for a free Recycling Perks account that will reward them with coupons and discounts.

Visit to create a free account. Next, enter the code Norfolk Collegiate in the promo code section. All recyclers of Norfolk, Chesapeake and Suffolk are eligible to participate. Collegiate will receive a $5 donation from Recycling Perks for each eligible sign-up.

Sign-ups are tracked using the promo code Norfolk Collegiate, so don’t forget to complete this step when you sign up. If you forget to enter in the code, you can still log in to your account and enter the promo code there.

Please pass along this opportunity to sign up and donate to your friends and families in the area. We need 100 people to sign up to reach the $500 maximum donation.

Recycling Perks is a local program that rewards residents of Norfolk, Chesapeake and Suffolk for recycling curbside. All residents who have city-provided waste pick-up services are eligible to receive their first recycling container free. If you are eligible and don’t have your free container, please request one by calling your area-specific phone number listed below.

Chesapeake: 757-382-2489 | Norfolk: 757-441-1347 | Suffolk: 757-514-7630

The upper school’s Green Team with Dr. Frank Thomson are sponsoring the Recycling Perks campaign. Dr. Thomson said, “the Green Team wants to increase environmental and recycling awareness while also getting the school $500 to enhance our sustainability practices.” The funds will help us purchase dedicated recycling containers for plastic bottles, a pest-free composting bin for cafeteria food-waste (with the possibility of selling this compost as a Green Team fundraiser) and—with any leftover funds—install motion-sensitive lighting for common areas like restrooms and teacher lounges.

Dr. Thomson also said, “It’s critical we do our part in the school as well as promoting awareness in the community as solid waste (especially plastic) is overwhelming our landfills and finding its way into our oceans.”

We’re excited to embark on this recycling journey with you—thanks for supporting us!