No Shave November Sees $500 Fight Colon Cancer

Even for those who shaved, No Shave November was a success.


Students, teachers and Norfolk Collegiate community members raised $500 during the month of November for Fight Colorectal Cancer, a nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to fighting colon cancer.


The Student-Government-Association-sponsored event collected $20 from each participant. Those dozen participants were then encouraged to find donors and supporters for the cause.


“Philanthropy is really important piece of the Collegiate community,” says Upper School Science Teacher Dave Fisher. “No Shave November was a fun way for students to participate and raise money for a good cause.”


Participants and donors included:

  • Upper School Science Teacher Dave Fisher

  • Upper School Administrative Assistant Paula Cook

  • Upper and Middle School Latin Teacher Richard White

  • Upper School Communications Arts Teacher Mark McElhaney

  • Upper and Middle School Chorus Teacher Max Holman

  • Upper School English Teacher and Department Chair Amy Robb

  • Maintenance Person Ron Chupik

  • Upper School Dean of Students Nicole Weyer

  • Fifth-Grade Teacher Tim Duvall

  • Head of the Lower School Cleteus Smith

  • Lower School Chef Jenkins Zardee

  • Jackson Burke ’18

  • Austin Fattizzi ’19

  • Hunter Flora ’18

  • Reilly Flynn ’18

  • Parker Gross ’18

  • Bobby Howlett ’19

  • Ryan Moninger ’18

  • Jacob Roth ’19

  • Maxwell Vooss ’19