Norfolk Collegiate’s Heath Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, NJHS, inducted 47 new members into the chapter on Friday, April 6, 2018. NJHS is a national organization that recognizes outstanding seventh- and eighth-grade students who meet academic and service requirements.

The new inductees included:

  • Stella Baccanari
  • Darya Bartol
  • Bryan Bejarano
  • Caroline Burton
  • Sierra Butler
  • Sam Cantrell
  • TyJah Chapman
  • Winston Chapman
  • Brennan Chatman
  • Zachary Farrell
  • Colby Feldman
  • Darcy Foster
  • Jake Fowler
  • Christopher Francis
  • Marah Gordon
  • Avah Hart
  • Lanie Hirschfeld
  • Sabrina Houghton
  • Sonia Howell
  • Natalia Krauz
  • Evan Lewellyn
  • Sophia Mathas
  • George Minton IV
  • Allison Montgomery
  • Sarah Morrow
  • Clara Murphy
  • Katherine Philpott
  • Emma Reaghard
  • Jillian Reed
  • Logan Reed
  • Addy Rosen
  • Lila Rosen
  • Jessa Rousch
  • Nolan Russell
  • William Sawyer
  • James Snowden
  • Cameron Somers
  • Joey Sposito
  • Olivia Tamburino
  • Mason Thibodeau
  • Lloyd Vaughn III
  • Abigail Verostic
  • Samuel Verostic
  • Eleanor Wallach
  • Blair White
  • Edward Wynne
  • Ashar Zahir

In addition to having a cumulative grade point average of 88 or higher, members must also demonstrate the attributes of leadership, good character and citizenship, as well as a desire to render service and to provide worthy leadership. To be eligible, students have to have already completed 10 hours of community service and must complete an additional 10 hours before the end of the school year.

The new class of inductees completed more than 640 hours of community service as a group before being inducted. Benefactors of their services included, but are not limited to, ForKids, Hospitality for the Homeless and the men and women of our armed forces.

For more information on NJHS, please contact advisor Jill Archer at