Molding our younger Oaks through Acorn Athletics

Acorn Athletics marked a turn in our athletic program at Norfolk Collegiate by providing our lower school students with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sport of their choice.

The goal of the program is to expose our younger Oaks to fitness and sports before they enter the sixth grade. It also allows them to learn how to build a strong team and gain a passion for the sport while also working with with Collegiate's varsity coaches and student-athletes.

During the week of Oct. 24, our Oaks explored the game of lacrosse with Coach Luke Reilly.  

“I’m passionate about teaching our students lacrosse because it’s a game I grew up playing,” said Reilly. “It helped me to learn how to be a team player and developed me as a professional in my career. I started playing as a child, so I was a part of camps like this, and it was extremely beneficial. I’m glad to help build this program at Norfolk Collegiate.”

Our Oaks learned multiple stick skills and how to have healthy competition during the weeklong camp. 

“In lacrosse, we learned how to shoot the ball, pick up ground balls, cradle, catch and pass,” said Dusty Rhodes ’25. “It’s really fun.”

“I love how there is competition,” said Ethan Moore ’25.

“I really like this camp because it’s competitive,” said Gabe Moore ’25. “We get to learn better stick skills and dodging.”

This year’s camp saw 30 students, which is an increase from last year.

“Our goal was to get lower school students involved in sports,” said Jon Hall, athletic director. “Our hope is that one day they will be playing for our varsity teams. The joy is that they get to work with varsity coaches among their peers. We provide programs that involve technical applications and fun, which is what sports at younger ages should be.”

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