Middle School students earn accolades at Model UN conference

Great success came to our middle school students in the Model UN conference at Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach on Feb. 26-27.

The Model United Nations (UN) conference, commonly known as Model UN, is an academic competition in which students expand their knowledge of diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations.

“Model UN provided our middle school students with an opportunity to debate real-world issues that face the nations of the world and are debated by delegates at the United Nations in New York,” said Garrett Booker, middle school social studies teacher. “Model UN is a great way for students to learn about the world and become effective public speakers, and our students didn't disappoint.”

Abe Musselmani ’20 was awarded Best Research and the Outstanding Delegate on the NATO crisis team.

“I know a lot of information about the Middle East, so I spoke from my heart and said what was right,” said Abe. “You really have to be strong when you’re talking.”

It was also Abe’s first time competing in the Model UN conference, and he competed as a one-man team.

“It’s more freedom working alone. I felt more independent, and I like being independent, that’s why I choose that debate [style].” Abe said. “But you have to be more careful because you don’t have a partner to back you up during a debate.”

Ashton Hall ’21 and Max Swartz ’21 were awarded Best Delegate on the Disarmament and Security Committee.

“It was my first time competing,” said Ashton. “I learned how to persuade others why they should agree with my views and why we were alias,” he said. “Max and I talked about Iran and why we agreed with checking their facilities. We made a good resolution.”

“It was nice to be named the best,” Ashton said. “It was like 100 people watching you [in the audience], so to win, felt good.”