Middle school spelling bee 2018

Pictured are (left to right) Lila Rosen ’23, Addy Rosen ’23, Logan Reed ’23, Jillian Reed ’23, Bennett Short ’22, Ashar Zahir ’22.


Spelling comes down to brother against sister 

What has a list of unstudied spelling words, 44 participants and two sets of twins? That would be the Norfolk Collegiate’s Annual Spelling Bee, which was held Friday, Jan. 12 in the Hackney Theater.

The bee lasted a challenging 20 rounds, several longer than anticipated, so students had to finish the competition spelling words they hadn’t studied.

The final six participants included both the Reed and Rosen twins, eventually seeing the Reeds battle it out for first and second place.

The winners are as follows:

  • First place: Jillian Reed ’23
  • Second place: Logan Reed ’23
  • Third place: Ashar Zahir ’22 

Jillian, who said she was almost sure she was out when she asked to spell the word “laborious” found the spelling bee to be a great experience. Her winning word was “disposable.”

Jillian now advances will to compete at The Virginian-Pilot Spelling Bee at WHRO in February. To read more about the regional competition and watch past bees, click here.