March’s Athlete of the Month—Ann Burns Morrison

Ann Burns was a part of Collegiate’s TCIS championship team last season and hopes to bring the title home again this year. He love for soccer is a tremendous part of her life. Ann Burns begin playing soccer as a little girl and believes Collegiate has helped to mold her skills. As a senior, she is excited to play her final year and hopes to spread high, positive energy to her teammates. Ann Burns sat down with the Oak Connection to talk about the upcoming season.

What is it like to be named the Athlete of the Month?

I feel really honored. I choose to play only one sport this school year, and to be recognized for it, in this way, is really nice.

How did you become involved in soccer?

I became involved in soccer when I was a little kid. I started playing when I was four or five and then competed on more competitive teams as I got older. It has always been a big part of my life.

What are your goals for the season?

I want to win it all this season. I would love it if we can go undefeated, but I would definitely like to win states and TCIS, and beat the top teams.

Are you excited to play this season as a senior? What lessons have you learned throughout prior years that will impact you this year?

I am very excited to play this year as a senior. I have been on the varsity team since eighth grade. In prior years, I think we have really focused on working together as a team. I am excited to bring a positive energy and team spirit to my final year.

What’s your most memorable sports moment while here at Collegiate?

My most memorable sports moment at Collegiate was probably when we won TCIS last year. To beat Cape Henry after losing so badly in the final the previous year was an amazing feeling, and it was great to give varsity girls’ soccer its first ever conference championship.