2018 Make-Up Snow Days

Due to the unprecedented number of snow closures this month, school leaders decided on the days below as make-up days for the remainder of the year. Therefore, please note the following changes to our academic calendar:

  • As noted in my previous message, the end of second quarter will be Friday, Jan. 26, with report cards posted on Friday, Feb. 2.
  • On Jan. 26, which had been reserved for Pre-K-8 parent-teacher conferences, middle and upper school students will have a full instructional day, with no middle school conferences.  Middle school students and teachers will, however, continue their goal-setting work and self-evaluation process in their advisory groups.  As always, teachers are available to meet with you before or after school should you wish to discuss your child’s performance.
  • On our designated make-up days, Presidents Day, Feb. 19, and Easter Monday, April 2, school will be in session.
  • The faculty professional development day on Monday, March 12, will now be a full school day.
  • All three remaining 1 p.m. dismissal days—Feb. 14, April 11, and May 16—will now be full school days. In addition, April 11 will be an instructional day for upper school students rather than the previously scheduled Day of Service.
  • We will not hold lower school conferences on April 27.

We understand that some of these changes may conflict with previously scheduled travel or family vacations, but we believe these changes are in the best interest of the majority of our students as we attempt to recover lost instructional time.  Should your children need to miss one or more of these make-up days, please be sure to notify us so their teachers can ensure they are caught up when they return.

Please contact your child's division head if you have questions or concerns about our revised schedule.