Maddie Foster ’18 believes in practice, patience and perseverance. She has run cross country since the seventh grade and this year she became the captain of our varsity co-ed cross country team. She sat down with the Oak Connection to talk about her love for running and her goals for the season.

What is it like to be named the Athlete of the Month?

Being named the Athlete of the Month is just a reflection of my coach Dr. Tupper. Coach Tupper works so hard to push us and to make sure we succeed in all aspects and helps prepare us to continue our athletic career in college.

How did you become involved in cross country?

I became involved in cross country in seventh grade when my neighbor suggested I try out for the team. Throughout the years the team has become a second family to me both in and out of season.

What are your goals for the season?

My goals for the season include a major personal best record. Also, as the girls’ captain, I hope to help encourage everyone else on the team to reach their goals.

What lessons have you learned throughout prior years that will impact you in your varsity career?

Throughout the years, I've learned that you are racing yourself. It's not about the person in front or behind you. You have to block out all the people around the course. At every practice, you push yourself to race the watch and your teammates.

What’s your most memorable sports moment while here at Collegiate?

I think my most memorable sports moment was during last year at our practice the day before TCIS. That day it had rained a lot so the ground was really muddy. We did a short run and then played Ultimate Frisbee the rest of practice. Ultimate Frisbee is our favorite way to pass time in barefoot running during practice. At the Broadwater Invitational that we recently attended, we participated in an Ultimate Frisbee game after the race.

Do you play any other sports? If so, which?

Other than the occasional track meets, no. Cross country is the best.

Aside from sports and school, what are your favorite things to do?

I also enjoy running on my own and spending time with friends and family. Practice seven days a week takes up most my time.