Lower School students win spelling bee

Throughout the year our lower school students are challenged to expand their vocabulary. During April and May, our students participated in a spelling bee for their respective grades.

This year, our spelling bees saw more than 65 students who competed in a total of 105 rounds.

Our third-grade bee hosted 14 participants with 53 rounds and the winning word was pedigree.

“My experience with the spelling bee made me very nervous,” said Javiar Love, first-place winner. “When I spelled the words, I thought I was going to get it wrong because there were a lot of people watching me. It felt good to win and everyone really encouraged me a lot,” he said. “For my first time in a spelling bee, it felt good to win because it was a new thing. Next time, I will be more comfortable.”

Kyle Perez and Evan Wallach earned second and third place.

Camille Porter received first-place honors during the fourth-grade spelling bee while Adam Siebert placed second and Randolph Williams placed third.

The bee held 24 participants with 25 rounds and the winning word was winsome.

“The spelling bee was really fun,” said Camille. “I liked the words because they were kind of challenging. I like the challenge. I’ve won twice in a row, last year in the third grade and now in the fourth. Going up there to present and give it all you’ve got is really fun. Even though I might get a little nervous sometimes, it’s still an amazing experience. It helps me learn new words and how to spell them,” she continued. “I look forward to competing in the fifth grade and performing in the Hackney Theater. It’s preparing me for public speaking, and I may get to compete in the national bee.”

Our fifth-grade winners include first-place recipient Olivia Chieco-Tamburino, second-place recipient George Minton and third-place recipient Jillian Reed. There were 30 participants, 27 rounds and the winning word was epoxy.

“Each student takes an assessment to qualify for the spelling bee and if he or she pass the student has the choice to participate in the spelling bee for his or her grade level,” said Mary Creekmore, lower school librarian. “All words are selected from the Scripps National Spelling Bee database.”

Jeanna Reyes, lower school parent and spelling bee judge, believes the bee gets better each year. “From one year to the next, students feel more comfortable and confident. They build from performing in the library to the auditorium to the Hackney Theater.”