Lower School Students Plant an Oak Sapling for Arbor Day

The lower school celebrated Arbor Day early on April 25 with a special nod to Norfolk Collegiate’s heritage. Students, teachers and staff planted an oak tree in the lower school field after participating in the 10th Annual Neighborhood Forest program whose aim is to provide free trees for students. Collegiate parents who signed up through the program received a free tree to plant during the week of Earth Day, an effort in which many lower school families participated!

The initial idea of celebrating Arbor Day with a tree-planting came from Student Council President Bella Clements ’26. On the day of the planting, she had wonderful words to share with her lower school community. She graciously thanked faculty and staff for their support and reminded students the tree they planted would be there well after they left the lower school.

Each grade had the chance to help plant the sapling by shoveling dirt on its roots. They ended the ceremony with a special song from the pre-K students.

The efforts were spearheaded by third-grade teacher Lauren Langley. Langley arranged for the teachers and every child to be given a tree sapling in support of Arbor Day.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for our school to promote environmental stewardship for our community,” said Langley.

“Celebrating our Oak heritage and Arbor Day by planting an oak tree is something our school will never forget,” said Head of Lower School Cleteus Smith. “We love our planet and our school!”