Lower School forensics competition winners

Norfolk Collegiate’s lower school students participated in a forensics competition at Cape Henry Collegiate earlier this month.

Hosted by a different school each year, the competition is for fourth-, fifth- and sixth grade students.

“Students tried-out to compete in November,” said Melinda Vooss, lower school arts teacher. “About 40 students auditioned by reading a passage from a book or by reciting a poem.”

Sixteen students were selected to compete at Cape Henry.

“Throughout February and March, we prepared and practiced for each category,” she said.

Our students found great success from their preparation.

“My experience with forensics was really fun,” said Sarah Bartlett ’25, third-place girls’ poetry winner. “Our teacher, Ms. Vooss, she said that it was a great thing to be able to speak in public because most adults are scared to do that,” she continued. “I won a medal. I won third place in girl’s poetry. I did the piece Awesome Sauce. Kenna O’Brein, she’s my best friend, I helped her some, and she kind of helped me some, too.”

“When you get to perform it’s really fun,” said Kenna O’Brein ’25. “You have to be ready for all the judges because you don’t want to be deducted for any reason,” she continued. “When you see your friends getting a medal or doing a good job, you’re like ‘yes.’ It can also be a little sad because you didn’t get a medal, but you should be happy for them and yourself because of the work you did to get to that point.”

Additional Collegiate winners include:

  • Malachi Love ’23 won third place for boys’ poetry
  • Nolan Russel ’24 placed first for boys’ storytelling
  • Sarah Bartlett placed third for girls’ poetry
  • Blaike Hille placed second for boys’ prose