Logan Reed clinches school's Geography Bee

Logan Norfolk Collegiate joined more than 10,000 schools in the United States competing in the 2017 National Geographic Bee in January. The competition offers scholarships to those who prove their prowess in geography knowledge.

To qualify, 20 of our sixth- and seventh-grade students participated in seven rounds of questions in the school’s Geography Bee, courtesy of teacher Garrett Booker. Emerging as champion was Logan Reed. In order to advance to the state's geography bee, Logan had to then take an online qualifying test, which he passed.

Some of the questions asked of our Oaks included: Which country has more people speaking a Germanic language - Denmark or Azerbaijan?

The bee, which is an annual competition organized by National Geographic Society, was designed to inspire and reward a student’s curiosity about the world.

Logan will compete in the state's geography bee on March 31 in Richmond.