Leadership, team building for eighth graders at Triple R Ranch

Our eighth-grade students traveled to Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake for the fourth annual Eighth-Grade Experience. For one-day, our students filled their time with team building and leadership activities to establish harmony within the Class of 2021.

Harrison Williams, student council president, was thrilled to lead his new and returning classmates on a day of adventure.

“It was exciting because I got to know our new classmates better, which was really cool during the team building [activities],” said Harrison. “We learned about the key to having balance and how to help one another when needed.”

Not only was this a new experience for our new students and eighth-grade class, it also was a new journey for our new middle school faculty members Jill Archer, English teacher, Chris Hairr, math teacher and Sue Bryant, interim head of the middle school.

“The idea was team building,” said Bryant. “From the climbing wall, flying squirrel and problem-solving activities in the woods, it was a great way for new students to get to know their peers and for seasoned students to break away from their core groups to collaborate with their classmates. It also was great for students and teachers to have fun together. That was one of the most paramount things that were accomplished during the retreat.”

Archer, who is new to Collegiate, agrees.

“It was an opportunity for me to bond with our students,” she said. “I got to know them outside of academia and develop relationships with them and see them develop relationships with one another.”

The Eighth-Grade Experience was also a great time to meet new friends.

“The retreat taught me that school can also be fun,” said new student Grace Lyden. “I gained new friends out of the experience.”

Most importantly, the retreat provided a great way for our students to learn more about themselves, their classmates, their teachers and our school.

“I loved the activities during the retreat,” said Sebastian Portillo. “We were able to bond and communicate better and learned how to have good teamwork. One thing that the seventh-grade class can look forward to next year is learning how to believe in yourself.”

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