Latin Club Takes Home Top Marks at Virginia Conference

Who wouldn’t want to drive 90 miles to spend a weekend taking written and multiple choice tests with hundreds of his or her closest friends? Believe it or not, Reilly Flynn ’18, Libby Snowden ’18 Maria Gilbert ’19, Maggie Campbell ’22 and Brady Snowden ’22 —members of Norfolk Collegiate’s Latin Club and Latin enthusiasts — jumped at the chance to participate in this year’s Virginia Junior Classical League convention in Richmond, taking home several, top tier titles and newfound Latin knowledge.

Reilly is a third year Latin student and took five tests at the convention. He placed third after taking the Roman history exam, an incredible feat as even upper school Latin teacher Richard White says it was the hardest test he’s ever seen. Maria took the same exam with fellow fourth-year Latin students and placed fourth. Maggie took the Latin 1 Mythology exam and placed 10th overall.

Maggie and Brady agree the convention is the perfect time to celebrate all things Latin. Brady says, “I like to play it cool, but when I get in that environment, I like to geek out.”

The students had a great time exploring all the conference had to offer whether that was singing and dancing or stand-up comedy and poetry recitation.

“My favorite test was the derivatives test,” says Reilly. “You’re given a word in English and have to find its Latin root. It’s hard, but it’s like a complex puzzle. I love it!”

The Junior Classical League is a national organization of high school students who study Latin, Greek and the classical humanities. With members nationwide and in several foreign countries, it’s the largest classical organization in the world.

“It’s a great way to meet people,” Libby says about the convention. “It generates so much excitement for the language; I want to be able to share that with everyone back at Collegiate.”