Kindergarten class gets a lesson on community jobs

On Sept. 26, the Norfolk Police Department K-9 Unit visited our lower school to give our kindergarten class a demonstration.

Our students were filled with questions as Officers Elmer and Kane shared their training experience and techniques.

Kindergarten teachers Melissa Adams and Cathy White led the initiative to host the officers and their police dogs on campus.

“Each year we try to add a new community job for students to learn about,” said Adams. “Our unit of study was jobs in the community and community contributions.”

In preparation for the visit our students read books, viewed pictures and shared background knowledge about police and K-9 dogs.

“During the visit, the officers explained what they do and how each dog is assigned to a particular officer,” Adams said. “The dogs have a very keen sense of smell, which they use to locate the ‘bad guys’ when they are on duty. Also, each dog lives at home with the officer and their family.”

Our students also learned that the officers speak to the dogs in their native language, including German and Czech. This gives the officer an advantage over a criminal in a bad situation because the criminal will not understand what the officer is commanding the dog to do.

"Guess what, if the police tells the police dog to go get the bad guy, the more he screams the more the dog bites," said Tristan Hameed '29. 

"I liked when I got to put my arm inside the [police training display] and feel it," said Pierce Flemmer '29. 

"My favorite part was hugging my mom because she was there, and I didn't want to let go of her," said Santiago Ramos '29. "And I liked that the K-9 did whatever the police man told him to do."

The Norfolk Police Department will feature their vehicles and more at our Fall Fair on Oct. 22. To learn more, visit