Bash Townes wants to be known as the best

Boys’ varsity player Bash Townes ’16 wants to be known as one of the best players to ever play at Norfolk Collegiate. The 6’5” small forward is well on his way to creating this legacy for himself and the school. Bash is known as a beast on the court. He scored his 1500th point during last season, and he is excited to reach his 2000th point before the end of his Collegiate career. Athletic Director Jon Hall defines him as “stoic, controlled and one who always leads by example.” This is why Bash is January’s Athlete of the Month.

He sat down with the Oak Connection to talk about his successes, pre-game rituals and his goals for the team.

What is it like to be named the Athlete of the Month?

  • It was a great feeling! It makes me feel like my hard work is paying off.

As a captain of the team, what responsibilities and roles come along with that position? And what does it mean to you?

  • It’s a big responsibility. I have to set an example for the younger guys [on the team]. If I’m going as hard as I can, then they will follow my lead.

How long have you been playing basketball?

  • I started playing basketball when I was nine years old. I tried to play football previously and it never worked out, so I finally tried basketball, and I’ve loved the game ever since.

Why basketball? And what motives you?

  • Basketball is just great! Over the summer, I received 10 full scholarship offers from Lincoln Memorial University, Clayton State University, King College, Queens University of Charlotte, Catawba College, Benedict College, Johnson C. Smith, Lees McRae, UVA-Wise and Bluefield College. It’s given me the opportunity to go to college for free, meaning my parents will not have to pay a dime. That is what has motivated me to be the best player I can be.

What are your goals for the team this year?

  • My goals for the team this year is winning our conference and potentially winning a state championship.

Do you have any pregame or postgame rituals?

  • Right before tip-off, I look up to the sky through the basketball hoop and tell my grandmother, who passed away when I was two years old, that “I know you’re watching over me, and I love you G-ma.”

What’s your most memorable sports moment while here at Collegiate?

  • My most memorable sports moment here at collegiate has to be hitting my 1500th point.

Is there another athlete or someone that you look up to? Why?

  • LeBron James, hands down. Ever since he was in high school, LeBron has been a role model to me. He handles the pressure very well and never lets the public get under his skin.

What’s something that people don’t know about you?

  • My Dad loves Johann Sebastian Bach, so I’m named after him. However, my name is spelled with all a’s and no e’s and people tend to misspell it, and my mother hates when that happens. So I decided to go by Bash instead. It just makes things easier, and I like it.

As a senior who’s a key player on the team, what legacy do you want to leave behind and/or what words of encouragement would you offer younger players?

  • Everybody is a key player on the team. We aren’t as deep as we were in previous years, so everyone has to step up. I want to be known as one of the best players to ever play at Norfolk Collegiate. My words of encouragement to the younger guys would be to never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. People told me for years that I would not be good enough; I use that as fuel everyday to keep pushing.