Invention Convention

Collegiate’s Middle School students have stepped into a world of innovative learning, design and construction by hosting the Invention Convention the week of Feb. 1.

The eighth-grade Invention Convention is a weeklong celebration to showcase students’ scientific creations.

Claire Fornsel, Middle School science teacher, has empowered students to turn research-focused ideas into everyday inventions.

“Each group of students proposed an idea, wrote a development paper about the purpose of their invention and weighed the pros and cons of their creations,” said Fornsel.

The Middle School Explore Room transformed into a virtual world of new gadgets, bright ideas and high collaboration.

Students toured the room critiquing and admiring their peers’ work.

Ashley Stack ’22 particularly liked the poster design about quantum magnets.

“The model is pretty cool, it helps you process the idea,” said Ashley. “The value of looking at your classmates work helps you see how you could make your work better and do things differently.”

Students challenged one another with questions about each invention.

Dylan McCavitt ’20, Skylar Tessler ’20 and Spencer King ’20 held a debate regarding Dylan’s and Spencer’s project of improving shipping crates by using quantum magnets to make sorting and moving crates easier, faster and safer.

“What happens when the magnets de-cool?” asked Skylar.

“What will happen is the tracks will end up sticking to the other crates to keep them steady; that way you will not have a cascade effect,” answered Dylan.

Other students were extremely intrigued by the virtual reality contact lenses which transported them to different countries and cities, such as Paris or New York.

“The virtual reality contact lens is awesome,” said Logan White ’20. “You can be in one place but in a different area of the world, like you’re in Paris but Virginia at the same time.”    

“This one is really cool because it works,” said Madalina Silliano ’20. “I wear contacts and it limits what I can do. This project expands on that concept in a whole new way.” 

The universal remote is another project which was a hit during the Invention Convention.

“Searching for remotes can be a bit of a hassle,” said Abe Musselmani ’20. “By just having one [remote] you can control anything you want; it makes it simpler.”

Take a look at some of the inventions from our Middle School friends here.