Have you met art?

On April 21, Norfolk Collegiate’s Art Club hosted Art in the Yard 2016 for students, faculty and staff. The event brought together our school for a day of creativity, collaboration and fun.

This year’s theme was Art is everywhere and everywhere is art.

“The thought behind our theme was tying art into every aspect of our curriculum to make it a co-curricular experience,” said Cathy Wright, upper school art teacher and Art Club advisor. “We had a tie-dye station for science, which highlighted diffusion, and Jackson Pollock painting for physical education, which allowed students to throw paint at a canvas.”

Other art stations highlighted interests related to English, classical and modern language, history and math. 

“I worked closely with Mrs. Wright throughout the planning period to brainstorm ideas for booths, create the stations and gather all of the necessary materials,” said Carla Leanzo ’16, Art Club president. “I have many wonderful memories from Art in the Yard from working spin art to making sure the event ran smoothly. Getting to grow into the position of president and represent the Collegiate arts has been an honor for me.”

This event was started by former art teacher Carolyn Sleeper as a way to expose students to different forms of art.

“Over the years, the event has evolved into a more hands-on event to encourage participation,” Wright said. “Not only does Art in the Yard celebrate visual arts, it also includes performing arts and an opportunity for our students to participate with open mic sessions, which students look forward to each year.”

From chalking the Harris Courtyard with the colleges our seniors will attend in the fall to spinning the pinwheel to create an awesome design, our students are highly engaged with the event.

“It was a wonderful feeling getting to chalk my school logo onto the grounds,” said Carla. “Originally, I was going to travel hundreds of miles to Savannah College of Art and Design, but I later decided to stay here in Norfolk to attend Old Dominion University for graphic design. I feel so much better getting to stay near the people and the city that I love. I have such a pride in Norfolk, and I cannot wait to contribute to the growing arts community in the city.”  

Art in the Yard also brings our fifth-grade students to the upper school for lunch and fun with their peers and some art pieces are donated to our Annual Auction for bidding.

To see what the fun was all about, click here for photos.