Hargrove named February Athlete of the Month

Junior Kenneth Hargrove is at home in the water and on the field. For this student-athlete, swimming and soccer are two sports that call to him. This year, thanks to the talents of Kenneth and his teammates, the boys varsity swimming team advanced to state championships for the first time in more than eight years!  

It’s his dedication, among other things, that has landed him the honor of being the February Athlete of the Month. He chatted with us about what the honor means to him and his goals for the season. Here is what he had to say.


What did you think about being named Athlete of the Month?

I felt excited to be named Athlete of the Month. There were so many other good athletes during winter sports that could have been named Athlete of the Month, but for them to pick me felt special.

Do you play other sports at Collegiate or in the community? If so, what are they?

Yes, I have played soccer for two years at Collegiate. 

How long have you been swimming?

I have been swimming since I was 7 years old. 

What is it that draws you to the sport?

The reason why I enjoy swimming is because it requires hard work and dedication. I enjoy swimming even the more because when you win a race you know that all of the hard practices and all of Coach Dan’s workouts pay off.

You and your teammates went to states this winter for the boys 200 medley relay - a first for the school in years. How did that feel? 

I felt honored traveling with my teammates Trafton, Hunter and Dylan. It was the first relay in eight years since a men's relay qualified. I know we could not have made it without all of us working hard in practice to achieve our goal. Last but not least I want to give a shout out to Grant because even though he did not go, he was a part of the relay that helped us qualify for states.

What is your motivation when competing?

My motivation for competing is my teammates and coaches. Every time I'm swimming everyone is down at the end of the pool cheering for me, and it makes me feel good in the inside. I could not have asked to be on a better team with a group of individuals that motivates you to swim harder and faster in every event and in every swim meet in which I swim. 

Is there an athlete or someone that you look up to? Why?

I actually have a few athletes I look up to. They are: Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt. Even though all of them are not swimmers, they are athletes that display leadership, hard work and skill. They are the best athletes in the world in their specific sports they competed in and their skill and athleticism can't be matched. 

What is your favorite thing to do when not in school?

My favorite thing to do while I'm not in school is to just hang out, I'm currently building a game for the Xbox One, workout and play sports and listen to music.