From the hockey field to VISAA All-State team

Two of Collegiate’s girls’ varsity field hockey players were selected to the VISAA Division II All-State teams.

Frances Boyer ’17 and Jordan Sibley ’16 performed well throughout the season and their hard work is being rewarded with VISAA Second Team All-State and First Team All-State recognition, respectively.

Coach Taylor Kelly and Frances ’17 sat down with the Oak Connection to talk about team work, dedication and effort.

“Frances was probably the most noticeable player on the field,” said Kelly. “She has incredible speed and perhaps the most skilled stick work on the team. There was never any doubt that she gave 100 percent every match.”

She found her “sweet spot” on the right side of the field, which helped her to play well.

“From that side she set up many offensive plays and goals. With her quick feet she could easily confront and then re-attack opponents,” Kelly said. “Frances was open to filling in anywhere she was asked and made an impact every time.”

Jordan was unable to chat with the Oak Connection but Kelly had much to say about her.

“Jordan is quiet and strong,” said Kelly. “I honestly had no worries of the team’s defense with Jordan as center defender. Not a lot of flash but in a very businesslike manner; she consistently thwarted attacks all season. As a strong defender, she possessed incredible vision and ball-handling skills that allowed us to use her in different capacities. She could stop a shot and then carry the ball up for a goal opportunity. Jordan gave 100 percent every game.”

“Both she and Frances played mostly every game from beginning to end of the season. They rarely needed or wanted time off the field,” Kelly said. “She and Frances were simply solid.”  

Frances was thrilled to be selected to the VISAA All-State team.

“I was very surprised because I did not realize that it was even possible” she said. “Once I let the news soak in, I was very pleased to see that all of my hard work finally paid off.”

Frances believes this was one of her best seasons to date.

“This season felt like one of the best seasons I've had in all my years of playing,” Frances said. “It was very exciting because we got to play on our new turf fields. I felt like it allowed me to really expand my skills. Our coaches did a wonderful job this season, and I could not have done it without them.”

One of her highlights of the season was the final game against Bishop Sullivan who the team lost to at the beginning of the season 7-0.

“That is a game that I will always remember,” she said. “We worked together like a true field hockey team and gave it our absolute all. Each and every one of us showed genuine dedication on and off the field; even through the final score of our last game against Bishop Sullivan was 2-1, it was still amazing to see how much we had improved.”

Frances encourages rising athletes to work hard during practices and games because hard work pays off.

“I can encourage all rising athletes to work hard; it feels amazing once it all pays off,” Frances said. “Once you see the results of your hard work it only gets better. Even if it seems like you’re dying of exhaustion, you should never give up.”

Dec. 4, 2015