Freshman Retreat Means Together Time, Ziplines and Alpine Towers

The freshman class jumped head first into the highly anticipated Freshman Retreat earlier this month, working together to make the overnight, outdoor bonding experience that much more fun.

Students and supervising faculty went to Camp Silver Beach in Jamesville where cell phone reception was spotty at best, but the water views were breathless. Upon their arrival, students became acquainted with their cabins, dropped their stuff and regrouped for icebreakers.

After lunch, students rotated through team-building activities like field games and Gaga Ball, before making their way to the much anticipated 55-foot Alpine Tower. Students who worked up the courage to climb were encouraged by cheers, hoots and hollers on the ground from their classmates and teachers.

After dinner, students flew through the dark on the camp’s zipline.

Lights were out by 10:30 p.m., and students were at breakfast by eight the next morning. Students ran through a handful of activities they’d missed the day previous before having lunch, packing up and hitting the road. Even the bus ride back to campus was a great time for decompressive bonding.

“I thought the alpine tower was really fun,” said Abby Seeman ’22. “It was challenging but super fun. I feel like I really got to bond with my class, and it was cool to bring that feeling back to school.”

“My favorite part was getting to spend time with my advisory and getting to know everyone better,” said Upper School Math Teacher Sarah Hammer. “I loved playing basketball and climbing the alpine tower; I’m almost sure I couldn’t have done it without the hoots and hollers of support from the freshman class!”