Fourth and Fifth-Grade Take on the Spelling Bee

Earlier this month, our fourth and fifth-grade students took to the lower school auditorium to compete in their grade’s annual spelling bee.

Eleven fifth graders sped through 42 rounds before entering the challenge round (of which two students went six rounds). After 48 rounds, the winner was declared with the word “disguise.”

Fourth grade had an equally exciting bee, with 11 participants going 57 rounds with the winning word being “autumn.”

“I’m so proud that [these students] challenged themselves and were brave enough to get up on stage and spell into the microphone,” said Librarian Mary Creekmore. “It really shows great confidence!”

Congratulations to the winners of each bee!

Fourth Grade

David Sawyer ’26 - Third Place

Atharv Deshpande ’26 - Second Place

Alexa Butler ’26 - First Place











Fifth Grade

Kylie Bellamy ’25 - First Place

Carmen Gaskin ’25 - Second Place

Evan Wallach ’25 - Third Place