Fourth and Fifth-Grade Spelling Bee Winners Crowned

Annually, fourth and fifth-grade students participate in a challenging, grade-wide spelling bee. This year’s students wowed the crowd with fifth grade going 31 rounds and fourth grade stretching 33 rounds in the lower school auditorium.

Fifth-grade saw 12 eager participants with the winning word being “pitiful” in the 31st round. First place went to Alexa Butler ’26, second place to David Sawyer ’26 and third place to Anya Beachy ’26.

Fifteen fourth graders took to the stage a few weeks later, and went 33 rounds before the winning word was “excuse.” First place went to Carter McCleish ’27, second place to Keeley Boone ’27 and third place to Millie Rosen ’27.

Spelling bee coordinator and lower school librarian Mary Creekmore is especially proud of this year’s participants.

“Despite the disappointment of misspelling a word, the students were so supportive and kind to one another,” she said. “I am so proud of all of them!”