Learning how to overcome obstacles with former Navy SEAL lieutenant and author Jason Redman

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, former Navy SEAL lieutenant and author Jason Redman spoke to Norfolk Collegiate’s middle school students in the Hackney Theater.

Redman echoed words of encouragement, leadership, perseverance and teamwork as he spoke of his novel The Trident and the five principles that make elite performers. His presence at Collegiate was ascribed to the summer reading of his novel by the eighth-grade class.  

Joining the military at the age of 17 and becoming a Navy SEAL at 19, Redman has nearly 21 years of service, having served in the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq War.

Redman was severely wounded in 2007 after a near fatal shot to the face. It resulted in four years of reconstructive surgery; however, he didn’t allow his situation to defeat him and now uses his story as encouragement for others.   

“No matter how long and dark the night is, the sun, eventually, will always rise. Tomorrow always will come,” said Redman. “It is important to know how to adapt to the unexpected because life isn’t fair and quitting is not an option, because if you quit you won’t find success.”  

Redman went on to mention the significance of surrounding yourself with people who you can depend on, staying true to your beliefs and determining how to achieve life goals.

He lives by six philosophies: overcome, live greatly, love deeply, stay humble, lead always and have no regrets. His objectives insist that students shape and control their own futures.

Redman strongly emphasized the power of overcoming and holding steady to an overcome mindset.

“Whether you have to go over it, under it or around it, you have to apply the overcome mindset to everything you do because unplanned obstacles will come,” said Redman.

Middle school students had the opportunity to ask questions at the end of Redman’s lecture. They wanted to know “how do you think being wounded has helped you grow; and what was the hardest thing you had to accomplish during hell week of training?”

“Jason Redman talked about the traits of an elite person, and I plan to use them and his six tenets this school year to have the best year,” said Tyler Hamlin, eighth grade.

Students are encouraged to create a letter addressed to Redman containing three of the six tenets they will apply to ensure a successful school year. 

To learn more about author and speaker Jason Redman’s visit sofspoken.com/.