Fifth Graders Race Rockets to see Science in Motion

Fifth graders prepared for take off this morning as they prepared their rocket racers for lift-off.

For the last few weeks, students have been working hard on creating aerodynamics vehicles in the Makerlab and at home. With help from Mrs. Silverman, Mr. Duvall and Mrs. Maus, fifth-graders students successfully made rockets with wheels made out of everyday materials like plastic bottles, straws and balloons.

Students did all this creating with one thing in mind: Newton’s third law of motion, which states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Several students went through many prototypes of their rockets, learning which way to point their balloons and how to attach their straws. They also learned about the outside forces working on their rockets like drag and friction.

When it came time to race, balloon engines were roaring. Students’ grades were of course based on effort and understanding, but the rocket that went the farther distance was dubbed the winner!

The fifth grade had a blast during this lab. Check out all the photos from race day on Facebook here.