February’s Athlete of the Month—Jacob Roth

Norfolk Collegiate’s wrestling team has finished fourth in our most recent TCIS match-up on Feb. 13. Jacob Roth placed as a champion in his weight class and has been named Collegiate’s Athlete of the Month for February. 

He sat down with the Oak Connection to discuss his goals for the team and his most memorable wrestling moments.

What is it like to be named the Athlete of the Month?

It is exciting! It was great to be recognized for my sport and the hard work that I’ve given to wrestling.

How did you become involved in wrestling?

It all started in the lower school. The physical education teachers, such as Mr. Maddox, would have us wrestle during class as a physical activity. Then I started going outside of school to learn more about it. I also wrestle club with First Colonial Beach Boyz.

What are your goals for the season?

I am hoping to place top four in the state.

What has been the highlight of your season thus far?

It would definitely be going down to Atlanta and having the opportunity to wrestle at The Prep Slam, because we got to wrestle with the best in the country.

What’s your most memorable sports moment while here at Collegiate?

My coach Mike Hage has taught me a lot about wrestling. He has taught me how to push through the tough times and how to continue to persevere.

Is there anything that you want people to know that they may not know about wrestling?

Wrestling is a small community. Once you’re in it, you can pretty much get to know everyone who is a part of it.