Faculty, staff school themselves over the summer

While students were enjoying their summer beachside or catching up with their friends, Norfolk Collegiate’s faculty and staff were actively engaged in professional development opportunities. From certifications to pursuing higher education, our teachers were hitting the books. Here is a look at some of the opportunities our faculty and staff participated in over the summer: 

  • Middle School Dean of Students Liz Bicehouse attended the National Conference on School Discipline, the National Conference on Girl Bullying and the National Conference on Innovative Teaching Strategies in Chicago. 
  • Director of Academic Advising and Counseling Anne Claywell, Upper School History Teacher Paige Solomon, Learning Resource Program Coordinator Nelee Connors, Communication Arts Teacher Mark McElhaney and Middle School Dean of Students Liz Bicehouse attended “What Works” at Hampden Sydney College. The conference featured the leadership of Hampden Sydney and nationally recognized experts who shared strategies for teaching and helping boys and young men succeed in school.
  • Middle School Social Studies Teacher Dana Carr attended an Edtech summit at Harvard University in Boston. There she spent two days learning about Google sites, Google Docs and Google Drive, and how all of the programs can be utilized in teaching and creating digital portfolios. Carr and the Middle School teachers plan to create portfolios, which will show work, and reflections of their work. Teachers have committed to having at least one project per quarter, which can be submitted to the students’ Google Drive and then transferred over into their digital portfolio and can be shared with friends and family. 
  • Lower School Librarian Mary Creekmore participated in an elementary library centers webinar presented by a Librarian Jocelyn Sams. The webinar focused on how librarians could incorporate centers into their weekly library lessons.  
  • Upper School English teacher Margaret Dalrymple took two educational leadership courses through Old Dominion University. The courses, Educational Law and Ethics and Accountability and Organizational Improvement, are requirements for her Masters in Educational Leadership.
  • Director of Curriculum and Instruction and English Teacher Judy Davis attended the Journalism Education Association’s Advisers’ Institute, where she sat for the Master Journalism Educator exam and attended a variety of sessions related to iPad® integration in journalism classes and student publications.
  • Upper School Math Teacher and Department Chair Rick Davis participated in the College Board’s Annual AP Reading in Statistics. The event gathers 12,500 AP teachers and college faculty members from around the world to evaluate and score the free-response sections of more than 4.2 million AP exams. 
  • Middle and Upper School Science Teacher Claire Fornsel attended the American Modeling Teachers Association workshop at JMU and the SMART Institute. Fornsel earned a graduate for the American Modeling Teachers Association workshop, which focused on having students perform labs and delve into the conceptual understanding of why things occur. The students then generate notes through small group and classroom discussions. While at the SMART Institute, Fornsel spent a week exploring the area’s shipyards and various maritime industrial complexes to learn about the industry, which she hopes to connect in the classroom. Fornsel also worked with a group of educators and one senior putting together a robotics competition in which Collegiate’s eighth-grade students will participate in this winter.   
  • Upper School Science Teacher Loli Marshall spent three months in Beqa, Fiji with marine scientists collecting data on the coral reefs in Beqa lagoon. Marshall’s objective was to learn how research and data was conducted in remote places, such as Fiji, as well as gain a better feel for the technology used with the research. In addition to her underwater activities, Marshall also delved into the Fijian culture, language and education, while living off the land. Marshall is now certified as a rescue diver and dive master. 
  • Physical Education Teacher Jake McDonald completed his graduate program with Virginia Commonwealth University, earning his Masters of Education in Sport Leadership. 
  • Brooke Miles, Collegiate’s accounts payable and human resources manager, earned her Professional in Human Resources Certification. The certification demonstrates mastery of the technical and operational aspects of human resources practices and U.S. laws and regulations. 
  • Nelda Nutter, director of enrollment, attended a three-day conference hosted by the Association of Independent School Admissions Professionals at Boston University. The conference focused on adapting corporate marketing strategies to the private school setting and on developing methods to attract and matriculate a financially strong enrollment base.
  • School Nurse Susie Potter attended the Pediatric Sports Medicine Update at Children’s Hospital of The Kings Daughters. She is also working on her Pharmaceutical Self Learning Packet for her continued Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Licensure. 
  • Upper School Science Teacher Michele Purrington attended the Stanley H. King Counseling Institute, which is an intensive six-day program where participants work together learning and living in a dorm setting, sharing meals and collaborating during unscheduled time. Purrington plans to share the tools she gathered from the workshop with Collegiate faculty to use in their roles as advisers. She also co-facilitated a workshop for Upper School faculty on the evolution of our advisory program.
  • Lower School Admissions Associate Alex Snyder attended The Independent School Management/Admissions 101 Conference in Salt Lake City. The conference focused on streamlining the admissions process, enhancing open house events and marketing effectively.
  • Upper School Social Studies Teacher Paige Solomon graduated in May with her Masters in Arts in History from Old Dominion University. In June, Solomon also served as a reader for the AP World History exam for the sixth time.   
  • First-Grade Teacher Catherine Thomson completed her course, Multicultural Curriculum Leadership and Globalization. The course was one of one of the last three courses she needs for her Ph.D. in Literacy Leadership at Old Dominion University.