November’s Athlete of the Month—Ellie Maus ’18

Ellie Maus ’18 went into the season ready to accept the challenges ahead, and she showed true sportsmanship throughout the season. She is thrilled that her team will go down in Norfolk Collegiate history with both a TCIS and state championship title. Ellie was named Sailing TCIS Sailor of the Year, All-VISAA Skipper, TCIS First-Team Skipper and All-VISAA Girls. She sat down with the Oak Connection to talk about her recent victories, team and goals for the season. 

What is it like to be named the Athlete of the Month?

I was very surprised. I think this is really nice. It was a great start to my day to hear this news.

How did you become involved in sailing?

I started when I was 8-years-old doing a summer camp at a local yacht club. I continued once I got to middle school when I joined the sailing team.

What are your goals for the season?

We really wanted to grow at the beginning of the season. We have really great skippers and crews that are the base of our team, and we wanted to highlight everyone’s talents. We went into the season focusing on teamwork and wanted to do the best we could.  

What lessons have you learned throughout prior years that will impact you in your sailing career?

I’ve always been more or less in the background and looked up to our seniors for their leadership. I’ve always worked hard and tried to be a leader also. I have great teammates that have pushed me to increase my skills. It was healthy competition.  

What’s your most memorable sports moment while at Collegiate?

My most memorable moment was during last year’s regatta at Fort Monroe. I came into that with no pressure. I followed the seniors lead, and we came out of that with more confidence.

Do you play any other sports? If so, which?

I also play basketball in the winter.

Aside from sailing and school, what are your favorite things to do?

I really like to read mystery books.