Collegiate reveals a new and Improved Capt. Collegiate 

There was much to be excited about at Norfolk Collegiate this past week with the opening ceremony of our new athletic turf fields and lights.

In spirit of the new athletic fields, a new Capt. Collegiate mascot also made an appearance during opening day activities.

Four years ago, the school named Capt. Collegiate as its mascot under the direction of former Athletic Director, Mary Peccie.

“I wanted to ignite school spirit,” said Peccie. “The objective was to energize the community, get students excited to participate in sporting events and fuel their school spirit,” she said.

The mascot is similar to a caped superhero and the new Capt. Collegiate custom has a more modern spin; designed by alumna Hailey Lain ’13, a junior at the University of Maryland Baltimore County studying visual arts.

“One of the things I kept in mind was NCS is a college prep school, and has always strived for not only academic success but also honor and integrity. While trying to keep a superhero-esque feeling to the character, I wanted to give him some kind of dignified clothing—hence his new suit jacket and old-fashioned short pants—that would add to the otherwise proper look,” said Lain.

Our mascot is a direct representation of Collegiate’s core values, most notably honor and integrity.

Capt. Collegiate was imagined as a superhero to embody school spirit, provide students the incentive to love the character and create excitement during school events.

“My first memory of Capt. Collegiate is his use in one of the Fall Fair T-shirts,” said Lain. “To me, he looked quite like our headmaster at the time, Mr. King. Another thing I can recall about his outfit is its plaid cape. It took a lot of willpower not to include the plaid cape in the new design, simply because it just brought a smile to my face.”

The new design uses the three emblematic main colors of the school, blue and white with a hint of red for athletics, to appear iconic and easily associated with Collegiate and its core values.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The hat is not Lain's original design, as it was modified for production.


Sept. 25, 2015